Second DIMM for my tiny node (Lenovo M75q Gen2 Tiny) arrived. Now rocking 32GB of 3200MT/s RAM with its AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750GE CPU. It does my entire homelab now, except NAS needs :3

Finally got the Hakko clip in for my iron. Now I just need to wait on the air pump to arrive and I got direct fume extraction going.

To anyone looking for a Mastodon instance to hop on: Feel free to register for my instance,
It is hosted on a Kubernetes cluster, so it should basically never go down :3

K8s question for my followers that might know this:
I want to set up Syncthing, but I also want a WebDAV access into this.
Is there a way for two pods to share a mountpoint? If so, how?
(FYI: The cloud provider I use does not support ReadWriteMany persistent volume claims)

And done. Mastodon itself and Crossposter running in a Kubernetes cluster. :3

There we go. Mastodon on K8s. With everything except the scheduler queue running multiple instances :D

There we go. Mastodon on K8s. With everything except the scheduler queue running multiple instances :D

Currently thinking if I should run my Mastodon in Kubernetes, not because I need to, but because it might be fun.

Apple service service repair looks good for the most part. But this step here, can't you just provide the damn tools to do that in self-service, too? I assume this is literally just there so people can't use displays not bought specifically from that site...

Fixed my issues with my KVM messing up EDID of the screen passing through it. Found some "EDID dummy display dongles" with a passthrough port. Guessed their EDID ROM doesn't block write commands. Guessed correctly :D

By the way, if anyone tried setting up their own instance of crossposter and has seen or can tell me what the issue is with all language variables turning up blank, let me know :3 (GitHub issue: )

I'm now on Mastodon and will (try to) post primarily on it. Automatically cross-posting to Twitter.
I am
(Also feel free to sign up on my instance if you want an :p)

Mastodon's UI sure is interesting for someone used to TweetDeck. Native multi-column mode!

Foxy Mastodon

A Mastodon instance by a fox for everyone :3